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A family-owned company since 1980, Thornell provides pet owners a solution for a persistent problem:  pet odor. Thornell's Odor Management products help you permanently destroy - not just mask - even the most stubborn of pet smells in pet bedding, carpets, upholstery, hard surfaces, and on pets! Non-enzyme, completely safe & non-toxic, and available in a number of formats, it's no surprise that Thornell's products such as Kennel Odor Eliminator, Laundry Odor Eliminator, Skunk Off, and Odor Off have long been favorites. The reason for Thornell's effectiveness is found in their unique chemistry, which was developed during a test at Cornell University in the late 1970s. Since then, Thornell's powerful products have been growing in popularity at vet clinics, kennels, and in homes across America.

With Thornell, you can be assured that you're using "The One that Works!"

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