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With Purina FortiFlora, promoting intestinal balance and immune system health in your cat or dog is easy! This powdered supplement contains special dog & cat specific blends of probiotics plus antioxidants in a highly palatable flavor. Microencapsulated for enhanced stability, FortiFlora is vet-recommended for regulating digestive issues as well as providing extra support during times of stress, antibiotic therapy, diet change, and more. Simply sprinkle a packet over food for dietary management of gas, diarrhea, and gastrointestinal upset. And even better, it’s not a struggle to give, because pets love it!

Special Deal: For a limited time, FortiFlora 3-Pack and 6-Pack purchases come with a free gift! At checkout, you can write in the notes section whether you'd like a) a free dog toy or b) a cute nylon bag that attaches to a leash (perfect for taking treats, dog poop bags, or whatever else you need on walks). If no request is made, we'll choose one for you!

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